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MB 186: The Predictability of Passive Investing in Multifamily – With Spencer Hilligoss

W-2 jobs give us a sense of security. But what happens if you lose your job or can’t work due to illness or injury? Spencer Hilligoss wanted to play financial defense and build enough passive income to keep the lights on for his family should something unexpected happen. And though real estate gets a bad…

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Understanding Cost Segregation

One of the most common questions my investors ask me is how cost segregation can impact passive real estate investors from a tax perspective, particularly in a multifamily syndication.   First, let’s define the term. Under United States tax laws and accounting rules, cost segregation is the process of identifying personal property assets that are grouped…

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Revealed: The Broker Script to Unlock Off-Market Multifamily Deals

If you’re tired of brokers not returning your phone calls, or asking for “proof of funds” before they will send you their off-market listing, you’re not alone.  When I first started calling brokers, I would say something like, “My name is Michael Blank. I’m a real estate investor looking for apartment building deals with 20-30…

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