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Affirmations: How to Do Them RIGHT So They Actually Work

Hate affirmations that feel insincere? Read on for the 4 steps to doing affirmations RIGHT so they actually work! Affirmations have always felt insincere to me. Artificial statements like I am a money magnet or I will be a millionaire in 12 months feel like lies—and they don’t offer anything that’s actionable. But in my…

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MB 175: Leveraging Hustle & Heart to Find Off-Market Deals – With Logan Freeman

Good deals are so hard to find right now! That’s become a common complaint among real estate investors in recent months, but I’m not convinced it’s true. In fact, if you’re willing to hustle and approach brokers with a service-first mindset, it’s fairly easy to find off-market multifamily deals. Logan Freeman is a commercial real…

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MB 174: Put Your Money in Motion with Passive Investing – With Ryan McKenna

If you make good money, and you want to make it work for you, passive investing in multifamily syndications may be a perfect fit. But what are the benefits of apartment investing compared to the stock market? How do you choose an operator you can trust? What happens if there’s an economic downturn? Can you…

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