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Passive Investors: What To Expect After The Closing

In my video blog “What’s the Syndication Investment Process?” I covered the process from the time you’re presented with an investment opportunity until it closes.  But what happens then? Here’s what you can expect after a deal closes when you invest with most operators (including with our investment company “Nighthawk Equity”). Regular Updates Once per…

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How to Thrive in An Uncertain Real Estate Market (For Active and Passive Investors)

Are we overdue for a real estate market correction? Multifamily Investors: Read on for 4 guidelines to help you THRIVE in these uncertain times! Nervous about investing when many are predicting a recession? Truth is, there are steps you can take to do multifamily deals that keep your money safe, even in a market downturn….

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MB 182: An Action-Oriented Approach to Financial Freedom with Multifamily – With David Kamara

Real estate investors come in many different shapes and sizes. Some young, some older. Some with financial resources, others without. But the one thing they ALL have in common is hustle. They balance learning with DOING, taking action to achieve their dreams of financial freedom through multifamily. David Kamara was working a demanding job in…

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MB 181: Double Your Money Through Passive Investing in Multifamily – With Jan Larson

What kind of returns can a passive multifamily real estate investor expect? What if you could double your money in just five or six years? And pay little or nothing in the way of taxes? Jan Larson spent 25 years in the high-stress world of semiconductor development, most recently working for Amazon. He had always…

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