Navigating the Future of Real Estate and Technology


At Red Boot LLC, we’re pioneering the integration of robust real estate acumen with advanced information technology, shaping a new era in “Navigating the Future of Real Estate and Technology.” Our consultancy is a nexus where the timeless value of property meets the innovation of the digital age. We deliver strategic insights and solutions that empower our clients to unlock growth, safeguard assets, and propel their business ventures into the future with confidence and precision.

Our mission transcends traditional consultancy boundaries as we craft tailored strategies that amplify growth and operational efficiency. With Red Boot LLC, embrace a partnership that brings a spectrum of expertise to your doorstep, infusing your real estate endeavors with transformative IT solutions. Together, we’ll chart a course toward success, setting new benchmarks in investment and technological advancement.

What People Are Saying

I've worked with Jonathan in the past, as we shadow-partnered on some work together. The combination of his creativity and his connections allowed some opportunities to successfully manifest, which I don't believe would have otherwise. It was a pleasure to work with him, and I'd do so again.
Claude Labbe
Realtor and Investor
Jonathan created a software program for our logistics company 20 years ago. This software is the platform for the daily operations and is integral to our operation. He was easy to work with and very receptive to suggestions. I would hire him again with no hesitation.
Karl Robinson
R and R Tranportation, Founder
Jonathan is very knowledgeable about the real estate industry especially residential and Multifamily rental properties. He shares valuable information on his podcast
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Podcast Listener
Jonathan is one of the hardest working (and driving), knowledgeable and professional individuals I have worked with in my 25 year career. What I like about Jonathan is his "tell it how it is" philosophy, which I believe is important to any business. I have seen Jonathan in both great, and challenging situations, and what amazes me is his ability to remain calm and collected throughout. I am truly going miss working with Jonathan.
Randy Rustick
Solution Architect
Jonathan asked me better and more detailed questions than most of the podcasts I’ve been interviewed on. He brought the conversation to very important topics. He doesn’t just interview in a way where you’ve heard the answers before. Fantastic show!
Adrian Smude
Podcast Guest / Mobile Home Investor
I met Jonathan Mickles via LinkedIn as I reached out to individuals to discuss their experience in Product Management to determine if I wanted to pursue that field. Not only did Jonathan spend about an hour discussing his experience and the different paths available to me he really broke down the different certifications I may need and the environments that may be ideal for me to work in. He is very friendly, thorough and knowledgeable in that and several other progressive fields such as Cryptocurrency and AI. I would highly recommend him as a colleague, employee or a friend!
George Anderson
Principal Business Operator & Business Application Management


IT and Cybersecurity Consulting

Comprehensive services that cover system design, data security, and digital infrastructure optimization, ensuring robust protection and operational efficiency.

Blockchain Solutions

Implementation of blockchain technology in various sectors, including real estate, to streamline transactions and modernize management and investment strategies.

Data Processing and Web Hosting

Tailored data management and secure web hosting solutions designed to enhance organizational efficiency and maintain a resilient digital presence.

Business Strategy and Administrative Consulting:

Strategic advisory services that enhance administrative management and operational effectiveness, preparing businesses to meet modern challenges.

Property Leasing and Management

Expert management of nonresidential properties and self-storage units, focusing on maximizing utility and profitability through strategic leasing and maintenance solutions.

Project Management Training and Development

Custom training programs that develop crucial skills in project management, particularly in IT and software development projects.

Portfolio Management and Strategic Acquisition

Guidance in the acquisition, management, and optimization of real estate assets to maximize returns and ensure sustainable growth.

YouTube Channel


The Strategic Multifamily Investing Podcast (SMIP) encapsulates the evolving journey of Red Boot LLC as it diversifies beyond traditional real estate into cutting-edge sectors such as Web3, blockchain, and artificial intelligence, alongside its core focus on apartment investing. Hosted by Jonathan Mickles, SMIP offers a mix of casual interviews and educational lessons with experts from various fields including project management and emerging technologies. The podcast aims to empower its listeners by providing insights into strategic investment and management practices that can enhance personal wealth with competitive returns, while also exploring innovative technologies that are shaping the future of the industry. Join us to gain the confidence and knowledge to expand your investment horizon and leverage the potential of new technologies.

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