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Interview with Syndicator Aileen Prak

In this episode of the Strategic Multifamily Investing Podcast, I interview Aileen Prak. Aileen Prak is the co-founder of Bonavest Capital, where they focus on helping others to achieve their time freedom through multifamily real estate investments. Born and raised in Southern California, she has her MBA and a background in finance. She is also…

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From the Experts: How to Reduce the Taxes You Owe If You’re Self-Employed

When people ask about tax write-offs, what they usually mean is, “how can I reduce the amount of taxes I owe?” The easiest way to accomplish this is by offsetting self-employment income with related expenses. The IRS refers to these as “ordinary and necessary” business expenses. Common deductible expenses include things such as office rent,…

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MB 255: Opportunities in Oil for Passive Investors – With Bob Burr

As a passive investors, we understand the importance of building a diverse portfolio. And while multifamily is the best investment on the planet, it doesn’t hurt to explore our options, especially when BIG opportunities present themselves. So, what are the opportunities in oil right now? And how do we choose a project that is likely…

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