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Mark Langdon, Operator Advisor

Mark Langdon. Mr. Langdon has been investing in residential real estate since 1991. He has a separate real estate investment firm (Langdon Properties LLC) focused on buying distressed properties; renovating the properties and then re-selling them for significant profits. He also has a strong rental portfolio consisting of 10 units that he has self-managed providing all property management services over the last 27 years. Mark also is a general partner on a 21-unit multifamily apartment in Greensboro, NC.; 32 unit multifamily apartment in Hickory, NC; and a 18 unit multifamily apartment in Anniston, Al. Mark and his wife’s net worth are approximately $ 7.9 MM from real estate holdings, mutual funds and stock portfolio which allows him access to $2.0 MM various credit lines including raising private money to finance his deals. Mark is a licensed Professional Engineer and has worked directly for Honeywell, Merck, Sanofi-Aventis, and First Solar executing projects up to $ 125 MM as the lead project manager. Mark is also married to a mortgage professional with 30 years’ experience allowing favorable financing opportunities for all of their properties. Together Mark and his wife bring strong W-2 income; High net worth, excellent credit (800+), multiple income streams with the required real estate and property management knowledge to be able to execute, manage, and close real estate deals.

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