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013: Interview with Katerina and Dylan

Dylan Marma is a principal of The Requity Group, a real estate investment company focused around the acquisition and operation of mobile home parks, and multifamily real estate. He has been a principal on over $50M in real estate transactions over the last 4 years. Dylan is co-founder of a software platform EquityTree, focused around…

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Interview w/ Adam LaBarr

Adam La Barr is a proud father, an Air Force veteran, and a commercial multifamily investor. He is also co-owner of Active Duty Passive Income where he helps coach and mentor others in multifamily investing. ===  Podcast: http://anchor.fm/smip Website: http://www.RedBootLLC.com.  Email: marketing@redbootllc.com  LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/red-boot-llc YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI40rTH_UAlaX9qPClfXzTQ   Strategic Multifamily Investing Podcast (SMIP) is the journey…

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Interview with Syndicator Aileen Prak

In this episode of the Strategic Multifamily Investing Podcast, I interview Aileen Prak. Aileen Prak is the co-founder of Bonavest Capital, where they focus on helping others to achieve their time freedom through multifamily real estate investments. Born and raised in Southern California, she has her MBA and a background in finance. She is also…

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Interview with Chris Salerno

In this episode of the Strategic Multifamily Investing Podcast, I  interview Chris Salerno. Chris believes investing in real estate is the best building block for  financial freedom. He is a firm believer in affirmations exemplified by  notes personally placed around every corner, which serve as a constant  reminder that every day is special and that…

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